FDA-approved accuracy you can count on

2 Sensors

  • Our dual sensor measures glucose and hematocrit to correct for blood plasma levels
  • Accurate readings every time

FDA Approved

  • Exceeds FDA's latest blood glucose monitoring guidelines
  • Operating range of 20mg/dL to 600mg/dL
  • Hematocrit range of 20-70%

YSI Verified

  • 100% of readings within 15mg/dL of YSI lab values
  • 98% of readings within 10mg/dL of YSI lab values
  • 42% of readings within 5mg/dL of YSI lab values

Choose your meter

Duo device Center Health


iPhone Lightning



Duo device Center Health

Duo C

USB-C, Android Only

Duo device Center Health


Android Headphone Jack

How it works

1 Plug the Duo into your phone's Lightning port ➡️

2 Check your blood sugar like normal 👌🏻

3 All synced! You're on your way to better control already! ✅

See how your daily life affects your blood sugar

Search carbs, see your A1C, sync fitness trackers, sleep apps & more to see your blood sugar in context

⚠️💧 Hypo warning

Uh-oh! Based on your past history, your stated injection of 5 units for this meal might lead to a hypo – keep an eye out!

📈💧 Blood sugar trend

Your blood sugar appears to consistently spike around 6pm on Wednesdays. Maybe you should take a look?

⏰💉 Basal insulin reminder

Hey! It's 11pm, here's your reminder to take your 10 units of basal insulin.

Introducing your new assistant, Aria

Aria automatically points out trends in your data, helping you better understand, predict, and treat your diabetes.

Doctor Patel

Nurse James

Aunt Mary

Connect with your care team
with Center Teams

  • Easily share your results

  • Give your provider real-time access to your diabetes data

  • Make better treatment decisions, together

  • Feel healthier, happier, faster

Join a growing community improving their blood sugar with Center!

of users maintain in-range blood sugar averages ⭐️

experience an average A1C drop of 1.4% within 2 months 📈

The Duo offers one of the world's most accurate FDA-cleared blood glucose monitors and test strips 🏆

Strips sent automagically so you'll never run out again

🎁 Center detects when you're low on strips and sends you more

💊 No prescription needed!

😍 No more dealing with pharmacies or insurance companies

💳 Compatible with FSA & HSA spending accounts

🚚 All shipping and tax included

Never overpay for strips again

Select how many strips per day you use

1-2 per day


50 strips per month

2+ per day


Unlimited strips per month

Check out what these amazing people are saying about Center


With my new diet and the logging I do in Center Health, from February to May my A1c has dropped from 7.4 to 6.5. Thanks for the app!

— Steve

First of all, the product LOOKS AMAZING. It's user-friendly, you guys have AMAZING support. And the most important thing: I can show these outputs to a doctor and he will understand. — Kevin

I discovered not so long ago this amazing app called Center Health that my diabuddies created to help the diabetics in this world! Diabetes is affected by so many factors, so it's so helpful to manage everything in an app.

— Judy

So I received my Nano today and I am beyond excited and pleased. I checked my blood sugar easier than I ever have in my 18 years of checking. If you're a diabetic, you should consider looking into getting one. I am so beyond pleased!

— Michelle

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